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Click above Banner to go page of Pyongwriter - an easy Hangeul Editor for US/Latin Alphabets Users

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Cultural exchange begin with alphabets or script/lingual character. Herewith we provide several editor for knowing indonesia's ethnic character/alphabets and also international alphabets/scripts. For download copy and paste the link after keyword "download:" below each editor. Or click the link provided.

Software Menu:

1. Tuktuk Editor : editor for Aksara Batak download :
    Klik di sini

2. Bandunger : editor for Aksara Sunda download :

3. Pyongwriter : editor for Aksara/Script Hangeul (Korea) download :
    Click Here to Goto Pyongwriter Download Page
    See the manual for Pyongwriter
    User Manual

Pyongwriter is a very versatile and easy to use Korean Hangeul editor. It utilize normal latin keyboard (QWERTY) for Korean Hangeul.
So the user is only required to know to spell the Hangeul to type it.
Even one with small Hangeul knowledge can easily type in Korean Hangeul.

4. UniCB : unicode character browser

5. GB2312 Browser : character browser and Chinese-English Dictinary based on CEDIC containing 6763 characters in GB2312 (Chinese National) Standard.
     download : Click Here
    Manual and Introduction

    Easy way to Find a Chinese Character, use FourCorner Method. See the Tutorial!

6. WubiLearner : drill and practice Wubizixing input method, also includes Chinese-English dictionary containing 6763 characters in GB2312 (Chinese National) Standard and 30.000+ dictionary entries.
     download win8: WubiLearner for Windows 8.0 - Click Here
     download win7: WubiLearner for Windows 7.0 - Click Here
    Tutorial of Wubi input method and WubiLearner

7. HandeDoor : character browser and Chinese-German Dictinary based on HandeDict containing 6763 characters in GB2312 (Chinese National) Standard and 130.000+ dictionary entries.
     download : Click Here
    Manual and Introduction

8. Funwab : fun with hebrew alef bet, game untuk menghafal Aksara Ibrani (Hebrew)
    download : Click Here

Corresponding Font used in our software:

1. SamuderaPura.ttf (memuat Aksara Batak)

2. Sundenese Unicode

3. Ezra Hebrew SILEOT.ttf

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