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Pyongwriter - a very easy and versatile Korean Hangeul Editor for English/US/Latin Alphabet Users (Platform: Windows)

Pyongwriter : editor for Aksara/Script Hangeul (Korea) download :

    Latest Pyongwriter version 1.1 Build 15Ags2013
    Click Here To Download

    Pyongwriter version 1.2 Tab (Windows8)
    Click Here To Download


Pyongwriter in Action
Pyongwriter is a very versatile and easy to use Korean Hangeul editor. It utilize normal latin keyboard (QWERTY) for Korean Hangeul.
So the user is only required to know to spell the Hangeul to type it. ml
Even one with small Hangeul knowledge can easily type in Korean Hangeul.

Release Note

Pyongwriter 1.1 Build 15Ags2013 would be the last Pyongwriter written for computer with keyboard, i.e. Normal PC, Notebook, Netbook,etc.
Release 1.2 is planned to be used more conveniently with Tablet PC (Windows 8 based).

Pyongwriter User Manual

Pyongwriter User Manual can be read and download [HERE].

Corresponding Font used with this software:

SamuderaPura.ttf (download [HERE])

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